Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Cheers for 3 Year Olds

Aylish certainly doesn't look her age, never has and I'm not sure if she ever will - - - at least not for awhile.  Born at 10 lbs 3 oz and 24'' long, she had a head start on most. 

 She was so excited to finally be turning 3, an age she usually gets mistaken for.  Now she can finally say yes I'm 3.  

Just one problem.  The other day she told a lady in the store that it was her birthday next week and the lady said "Are you going to be 4?"  She replied very loudly "No, I be Free"!  And it starts again!!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet Aylish.  You bring excitement and so much love to our family.  You are a fabulous little & big sister and we all love you to bits!

Her 'tendy' New Barbie Doll House for her Birfday!

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  1. WOW Aylish! What a great new Barbie House! Happy Birthday!!!